You Know What To Do

From conferences, webinars, podcasts, coaches, online training programs...

You have the strategy and tactics. You learned the 5 ways, the 7 keys, the 10 best practices for: overcoming impostor syndrome, upskilling, working with a mentor, finding a male ally, increasing self-care, becoming a self-advocate, and every other topic that interests you.

Are You Self-Critical?

Set Yourself Free

The I AM WHO I SAY I AM online program is the cognitive engineering for overcoming self-criticism, increasing self-care and advancing your career with self-advocacy.

I AM WHO I SAY I AM Success Story

An Exciting New Role in Tech

N. Terry

I was having marginal success with job interviews. After practicing my “I AM Who I Say I AM” self-confidence exercises, I found myself consistently advancing to the next round. Within 2 weeks I received 2 offers and accepted a dream job that I directly attribute to my “I AM Who I Say I AM” training and coaching!

Course Curriculum

8-Weeks Self-Study with Daily Application.

    1. Welcome to the course from Mischa Martineau

    2. Student Dashboard Walkthrough

    3. Overview of Course Outcomes

    4. Success Factor: The Power of the Pen

    5. Before you begin...

    1. Week One: Roadmap

    2. Audio: Mischa's Story

    3. Lesson: Difference between: I Can, I Will, I AM

    4. Exercise: WANT to be, CAN Be, WILL Do

    5. Lesson: Self-Talk

    6. Exercise: Self-Talk

    7. Lesson: The Power of I AM

    8. Exercise: Self-Actualization

    9. Exercise: My Thoughts Today

    10. Assignment: I AM Starting NOW

    11. Assignment: I AM Consistent

    12. Present Value

    1. Week Two: Roadmap

    2. Audio: Mischa Story

    3. Lesson: My Horizon

    4. Exercise: Who + What = Why

    5. Lesson - Growth Areas

    6. Exercise: Growth Intentions

    7. Exercise: Intentions for Today

    8. Premise: The Next Iteration of Me

    9. My Priority TODAY

    10. Assignment: Handwritten

    1. Week Three: Roadmap

    2. Self-Concept Module Intro - Mischa

    3. Lesson: Who I AM, What I AM Capable Of

    4. Exercise: Who & How I AM

    5. Story: Adversity

    6. Lesson: Who I AM In The Face Of Adversity

    7. Exercise: Who I AM - In The Face of Adversity

    8. Assignment: Handwritten

    1. Week Four: Roadmap

    2. Story: Self-Care

    3. Lesson: Creating My Self-Care Environment

    4. Exercise: My Daily Self-care Routine

    5. Lesson: Overcoming My First Mental Block

    6. Exercise: My First Mental Block

    7. Re-Affirmation: The Power of I AM

    8. Assignment: Handwritten

    1. Week Five: Roadmap

    2. Story: Demonstrating Capability

    3. Lesson: My Power of Visualization

    4. Exercise: Pre-Event Meditation

    5. Assignment: Handwritten

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Mischa Martineau

Founder, CEO, Developer

Mischa Martineau is the Founder, CEO and developer of the I AM WHO I SAY I AM.Global. She is on a mission to empower women to elevate and realize their greater career capabilities in technology. Leveraging forty years of experience at the intersection of business communications, technology and mental health-based professional development, Mischa Martineau developed and practices the I AM WHO I SAY I AM series of online experiential learning programs. The embodiment of I AM WHO I SAY I AM, Mischa is overcoming clinical depression and alcoholism to live her purpose of empowering others to believe in themselves and take bold action to positively impact the lives of others.